Saturday, October 6, 2012

Digital Art

Been busy setting up my deviant art pictures , hope you like them . press the play button below. and please comment , as i enjoy reading your feedback and suggestions
i do custom work too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Everyone and Welcome here

Hello!!! I must say i am glad that you're reading this blog. i'm welcoming you here and i hope you enjoy your stay and   that you will subscribe to me.

I created this blog because i noticed my facebook page Cute little things (pendant paradise) doesn't perform the way i want to , and my loyal customers and fans do not  get notified about my updates. so here it is ... :D  im a little nervous about this so i just hope you will like it here. 
i should start with the beginning and say what this blog will be about 
i will post here about my art , both digital and the jewelery 
i plan of embedding my store which is currently on facebook
will also post any updates that will come and basically make this blog  a nice place for everyone. 
i must tell you , like most artists , i love feedback so if you're following me , i enjoy to know your thoughts on what you find on this blog , suggestions and improvements ...also this is going to be a place for you to post custom requests and everything else you consider necessary.

Im heading into making this page look a bit better than it does now ...that means customizing pretty much everything :D . 
will post more soon, meanwhile you can comment or ask me to post or talk about stuff, ask me questions and so on.
 God bless!!!

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